Kristin & Ronald’s New York Yankees Stadium Engagement

What a day this was! Yankee Stadium Engagement Session, guys. This was one of those bucket list shoots, so when these two mentioned their dream of a New York Yankees Stadium engagement session I flipped (in the best way possible!) It. was. fantastic. We met before the game, explored some areas outside of the stadium before heading in to find the sections with the best views. And ended by settling in to watch the game! Take a look at these photos! I love that they choose a location that meant so much to them, I always suggest couples do this when choosing their engagement session location. When you choose somewhere that already holds such sweet memories for a photo session, looking back on these photos turns from seeing your engagement pictures, to a reflection of your journey to get here. I love that. We also captured their engagement photos on their anniversary!! A date they both thought from pretty early on in their relationship would be their wedding day, I’m so glad we got to capture this meaningful chapter on such a special day!

When Kristin, Ron and I first chatted I knew within moments that they were a couple I wanted to not only capture, but just know as human beings. These two are nothing short of incredible! You know how some people are just so genuinely kind and you can feel it from the minute you meet them? That’s these two. They have some of the kindest, sweetest souls. There’s a story from this day about how I almost passed out, thankfully at the very end of our session, and I was so beside myself at the way they responded and how far above and beyond these two went to make sure everything was okay. For the sake of keeping this at a reasonable length I will not go on (but just fair warning – come their wedding day blog post I make no promises of holding back). It was an honor to capture them here and I can not wait to photograph their day in August!

Necessary side note: It’s only fair to state that before I met my now-husband Dale, I knew nothing about sports. Pretty much at all. Over the past few years I’ve come to not just enjoy baseball, but love it! When Kristin shared the date she wanted to do their engagement session and we realized it fell in Dale’s vacation it only seemed right to then use his vacation time to do a little east coast baseball tour. Not only was this session the inspiration for our kind of vacation, but my husband was able to assist me on this shoot! Such a special thing and a huge shout out to him for all of his help!

- Robin and Justin

in what can be a stressful process, and we are so thankful.